Early Days


School Chale Hum




Pashan Palvi


Growing Together

“We have undertaken this work of popular education with the firmest conviction and belief that of all agents of human civilization, education is the only one that bring about material, moral and religions regeneration of the fallen countries and raises them up to the level of the most advanced nations by slow and peaceful revolution”
-Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Loksadhana Project is an endeavour in revamping and re-modelling the village. This is an all-round rural development movement. The school in Loksadhana is not just an ordinary place for imparting education but the very hub of a far-flung movement of development. The children here are not only given the regular bookish knowledge but they are oriented towards a new changing rural scene. This project can be a model pilot project for schools in the surrounding rural area. In future, this project will prove to be a beacon to those who are toiling for new light rural education.