Meet our Team

Dr. Raja Dandekar

Dr. Raja Dandekar

President and Management Trustee

Dr. Raja Dandekar is the founder of Loksadhana. After completing his degree (BAMS, Ayurvedacharya) in Pune he went to Chikhalgoan and established this Charitable Trust. Even after 40 years of independence Chikhalgaon was deprived of any school, electricity and roads and healthcare facilities. Dr. Raja along with his wife Mrs Renu Dandekar took up this as a challenge and built this school, rural healthcare facility, rural infrastructure and promoted agriculture.

Mrs. Dhanashree Dandekar

Teacher, Junior College

Mrs. Dhanashree Dandekar has been teaching at Lokmanya Tilak Vidyamandir and Junior College for last 5 years. Despite the college being located in a small village, Dhanashree is trying to create a unique recognition to the college. She has been teaching students of 8-10th standards since 2011. She likes to teach language. She likes to build a relationship with students and implement new learning techniques. She also conducts workshops for kids between 9-14 years under the name of “Gramayan”.

Rakesh Amberkar


Rakesh is working at Lokmanya Public Library, Chikhalgaon since last 16 years. Rakesh joined Lokmanya Public Library on April 1st, 2003. He believes that “Reading is an indispensable part of the process of bringing up students. It increases their capacity to think and act. This will lead to better citizens of tomorrow.” The organisation conducts various programs to encourage the villagers and students to read so as to develop a liking towards reading. The organisation’s directors Dr Raja and Mrs Renu Dandekar have always provided support for various schemes.

Mr. Dinesh Nachanekar

Vice Principal

Mr. Dinesh Nachanekar has been a Vice Principal at Lokmanya Tilak Prathamik Vidya Mandir (Lokmanya Tilak Primary School) since the year 2000. Primary School includes students of 1st to 4th standard. He works on various learning techniques which enable the kids to learn in most efficient and interactive manner. He has devised various games along with other teachers so as to enable the kids to learn maths, English, Marathi and other languages in a fun loving way. This helps the kids to develop interest towards learning. Along with educational work, he also handles administrative work at Loksadhana Trust. 

Mr. Kisan Pande

Project Co-ordinator

Kisan Pande is an ex-student of Loksadhana. Since 2005, he has been working as a Project Co-ordinator with the Department of Vishwakarma Padmashree Annasaheb Behere Gramin Technology Centre. The Centre works for helping the students to understand the needs of the villagers and start occupation in the field of what interests them taking into consideration the market demand. Mr. Kisan has been a Master Trainer for IBT in various states.

Mr. Narendra

Vocational School Teacher

Mr. Narendra is an ex-student of Lokmanya Tilak Vidyamandir, Chikhalgaon. For last 10 years he has been teaching the subjects- Electrical and Environment Sciences in the technical department of Loksadhana Tilak Vidyamandir, Chikhalgaon. He has been heading the electrical division of Loksadhana Public Charitable Trust. He has been working on various innovations in the field of LED lights and unconventional sources of electricity along with the students. The school has started the technical courses to help the students start their own enterprises and encourage entrepreneurship.

Nitin Balaram Pimplekar

Vocational School Teacher

Mr.Nitin Balaram Pimplekar is teaching in the engineering department since last 6 years. He says that it is a learning experience for him. He learns a lot while teaching to the students. The department understands the needs of the village then manufactures products. Due to this, the students understand the importance of marketing. A lot of students of Loksadhana take entrepreneurship very seriously and some of them have become successful industrialists

Mrs. Neelima Bhave

Primary School Teacher

Mrs. Neelima Bhave has been teaching at Lokmanya Tilak Prathamik Vidyamandir, Chikhalgoan since 2003. Principal Shri Nachnekar and Neelima she have taken immense efforts for the overall development and progress of the school children. Developing various activities such as Math Games, English Language games, songs, stories, cultural activities, environmental visits has helped the village kids to grasp all the knowledge in a fun loving way. Mrs. Neelima loves her job as a school teacher at Lokmanya Tilak Prathamik Vidyamandir. 

Mr. Maruti Thorat

Principal, Lokmanya Tilak Vidya Mandir

Mr. Maruti Thorat has been teaching at Lokmanya Tilak Vidya Mandir Chikhalgaon for last 32 years. He says, “He has got an opportunity to build a unique relationship with students and parents. He has learnt a lot from them.” He has been Principal of Lokmanya Tilak Vidya Mandir since last 3 years. He truly enjoys to work with the Loksadhana Family. 

Mr. Balasaheb Kamble

Assistant Teacher

Mr. Balasaheb Kamble is an assitant teacher at Secondary School.

Mr. Sahadev Mali

Assistant Teacher

Mr. Tukaram Garande is an assitant teacher at Secondary School. 

Mr. Tukaram Garande

Assistant Teacher

Mr. Tukaram Garande is an assitant teacher at Secondary School. 

Mr. Pandurang Dhere

Assistant Teacher

Mr. Pandurang Dhere is an assitant teacher at Secondary School.

Mr. Sameer Lavate

Assistant Teacher

Mr. Sameer Lavate is an assitant teacher at Junior College.

Mrs. Siya Zagade

Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Siya Zagade is an assitant teacher at Junior College.

Mr. Nitin Pimpalkar

Instructor, Technical Wing

Mr. Nitin Pimpalkar works as an Instructor in the Technical Wing of Loksadhana. 

Mrs. Diksha Jadhav

Library Assistant

Mrs. Diksha Jadhav works as Library Assistant in Loksadhana’s Library.

Mrs. Kajal Pande

Instructor, Technical Wing

Mrs. Kajal Pande works as an Instructor in the Technical Wing of Loksadhana.

Mr. Rakesh Amberkar


Mr. Rakesh Amberkar works as Librarian in Loksadhana’s Library. 

Organisation Structure

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