Diploma in Basic Rural Technology- DBRT

This is course is designed for youth who want to start own enterprise.

This course is ideal for youth between 15 – 20 years of age. This course is based on philosophy of ‘Learning while doing’ and therefore you do not need to worry about studying  for exam, mugging the subjects and writing notes!

All emphasis is given on working in real life situations. The students get practical experience.

The course offers practical experience in the area of Agriculture, Engineering, Energy, Environment, Food processing etc.

This is one year residential course conducted by Loksadhana Public Charitable Trust, Chikhalgaon.

Details of the course are as follows :

DBRT is one year residential diploma course offered at Lokmanya Public Charitable Trust, Chikhalgaon. This course is recognized by National Institute of Open Schooling and is useful for students interested to learn by working with their own hands.

This is a multi-skill program in which training is given in the area of:

  • Engineering– (Fabrication, Construction, Basic Carpentry, Plumbing, Engineering Drawing & Costing)
  • Energy & Environment – (Electrical, Electronics, survey techniques, solar / biogas etc.)
  • Home and Health (Sewing, food processing and rural laboratory)
  • Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (Agriculture, poultry, goat farming, nursery techniques)

Besides the above mentioned subjects, computer, sports, adventure activities also form the the part of the program. Students work in each section for about three months,

Duration of the course:

The course duration is one year, after which students need to complete one year apprenticeship. After successfully completing one year, students are placed in vocations of their choice. They work local entrepreneurs and small enterprises and gain experience in the desired field.

Entry qualification

The minimum qualification for admission to this course is that students should have passed 8th standard. The admissions are given on first come first serve basis.

The students must be willing to work hard. The program is usually taken by those who want to start their own enterprise in rural area. 

Features of the program

  • Multi-skill program
  • Course is based on “Learning While Doing” philosophy.
  • Training is given in real life environment.
  • Useful for those- who want to start their own enterprises.
  • Hostel facility available
  • Limited scholarships are available for deserving students. Students are expected to repay back the amount after completion of course.

Mr. Kisan Pande

 HOD, Technical Wing

Mr. Kisan Pande is an ex-student of Loksadhana. Since 2005, he has been working as a Project Co-ordinator with the Department of Vishakarma Padmashree Annasaheb Behere Gramin Technology Centre. The Centre works for helping the students to understand the needs of the villagers and start occupation in the field of what interests them taking into consideration the market demand. Mr. Kisan has been a Master Trainer for IBT in various states.

What is taught in DBRT Program?

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Drip irrigation, Sprinkler, Vermi composting, Vemi wash, Humidity chamber, AQUA Portal, Nursery technique, Azolla culture, Weather SMS, Seedling Tray, Vaccination 
Poultry, Age estimation, Rice cultivation, Crop using (SRI)
 Mulching, Silage
 Feed concentrate for animals
, Pest control
, Soil testing

Energy and Environment

Solar cooker, LED lighting ,Biogas, Soak pit, Watershed, Smokeless stove(Check dam construction),Earthing, Inverter 
Computer applications,

Plain table survey, GPS

Food Processing and Health Science

Solar drying, Food preservation, 

Drying of vegetables
Medicinal plant cultivation, Mosquito control (Gappi Fish breeding)

Making phenyl, Liquid soap, Water testing
, Healthy diet, Soya milk, Blood testing


Ferro cement,
 Bamboo treatment,

Different Agriculture tools 
Ventilation – Low cost housing, Toilets,
 Pedal power, Fabrication, Plumbing,