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Admissions Open for 2019

Admissions for the next academic year start at May 1st and end at July 31st, 2019. Please enrol before the last date. 

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A Word

From Our Founders

“Loksadhana is an effort towards our goal. We always knew the goal right from the beginning. We understood the needs of the people, the real pain points of the people living in villages and founded this trust in 1982. Education, rural health, agriculture, women empowerment and overall rural development are our main objectives.  Now most of our students have established their own businesses. We taught them the entrepreneurial skills so that the talent does not wash away to the cities. We feel that our efforts have now started bearing fruits.”

– Raja and Renu Dandekar


Loksadhana’s Mission & Vision

In a small village, just off the Konkan coast nestled between a patch of hills you can hear the cackling of little children running home after school.  Lokmanya Sarvajanik Dharmaday Nyas (the Lokmanya Public Charitable Trust) is an NGO focusing on Education that runs a day-boarding and residential school for over 450 children from in and around Chikhalgaon village. Drawing from Tilak’s thoughts that education is the only foolproof path to development, a group of public spirited persons put their minds together and brought alive this Trust in 1982.

Community Services


An ideal way to construct a prosperous nation is by educating the kids. This idea relentlessly drives us in our efforts to establish an education infrastructure in rural and tribal areas.

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Our concept of education does not limit to literacy only. Through our primary and secondary schools we groom students in technical areas, rural industries, agriculture and agro-processing sciences. The provision of vocational education helps the student to stand on his own feet from the day he steps out of the school.


Our concept of education does not limit to literacy only. Through our primary and secondary schools we groom students in technical areas, rural industries, agriculture and agro-processing sciences.  

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The provision of vocational education helps the student to stand on his own feet from the day he steps out of the school.

Exhibitions in agricultural activities. Workshops on agro based industries, training programmes on vermicompost and activities like social forestry and plantation have enhanced the state of agriculture in the villages around Chikhalgaon.

Rural Health

The villages around Chikhalgaon were deprived of any medical infrastructure until as late as the nineties. The trust promotes convenient and practicable Indian system of medicine.

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As a qualified Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Raja Dandekar made preliminary efforts to roll out basic education on health care and medical facilities like first aid kits, nursing kits, and ambulances.

Eventually the activity graduated in to array of rural healthcare programmes promoting blood donation, cooking, cleanliness, sanitation, etc.

Women Empowerment

Loksadhana conducts various programs in the village for women empowerment.

A Girl with a Book, a Pen and the guidance of a good teacher is the first step to the abolition of poverty.

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Oftentimes, in villages, women are beaten up by their husbands and go through a lot of suffering due to their inability to get a well-paid job. Sometimes, also after unnatural death of their husbands, women are unable to raise their family and have to undergo hardships. However if we teach them to read and write they are not only able to get well-paid jobs, they can also become successful entrepreneurs. 

Our aim at Loksadhana is to guide and train these women teach them various skills and make them self sufficient in their lives.

Rural Technology

Our aim at Loksadhana is to disseminate the knowledge of the benefits of science and technological innovations to the rural sector by equipping them with the latest tools.

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Loksadhana carries out various projects such as solar panel installation and other means of energy production. 

Community development

 In the community development efforts, we take step towards weaving a healthy social fabric. It helps individual with necessary social support and the society to resolve their common issues. The rural community is further strengthened through Women Empowerment. 

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Organising events and festivals have helped bringing people closer. Encouraging social and political formations like gram sabhas have helped them resolve their issues.



Loksadhana is an NGO working for educationEducation is the foundation of a well developed nation. Investing in the education of underprivileged children will lead to creating successful citizens. These independent citizens will then become the backbone of a productive economy leading to economic growth.  

Education promotes entrepreneurial skills in poor children who would otherwise be a victim to poverty causing them ill-health. Without access to health care they will be crippled for their entire life.

Loksadhana Public Charitable trust is an NGO that works on educating the under privileged children from low income families in and around Chikhalgoan village, This NGO for Education is situated in Ratnagiri District, Taluka- Dapoli. Chikhalgoan is a birth place of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak who laid the foundation of India’s Independence Movement during the British rule.

Our History

Even after 40 years after IndependenceChikhalgaon had long been economically secluded with no access to Education, Health Care, Roads, Electricity and basic rural infrastructure .

Dr. Raja Dandekar after completing his degree in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Tilak Ayurveda College, Pune went to Chikhalgoan along with his wife Mrs. Renu Dandekar who is M.A. Scholar, M.Ed. and a Professor. The couple has worked relentlessly for the upbringing of the poor children in and around Chikhalgoan. They have provided them with education and healthcare facilities. Mrs. Renu Dandekar says, “The attempt to create a different educational structure from social perspective has been made in Chikhalgaon. Today, the country is in need of people thinking creatively, and therefore Loksadhana is carrying out work in that way.“

Aims and Objectives


Relief to Economically Backwards


Educational Relief


Agricultural Development and Research


Research & Encouragement relating to the industrial fieldRelief to Economically Backwards




Medical Relief


Creating Awareness regarding Family Planning


Encouragement and Development in the field of Artistic Skill, Games, etc.

What our Leaders are saying
“Lokamanya Tilak Vidyamandir is a Path finding Experiment in school education. This Experiment can show the nation how we can implement the good of universal education for a want only of 110 Billion people resending justly in the 6 lakhs Villages like Chikhalgaon. I am inspired by the dedication of Renutai & Raja Dandekar who created this Vidyamandir. “
Dr. Vijay Bhatkar

Chancellor of the Nalanda University 

Five stars rating for - NGO for Child Education


“दोन सोज्वळ  समर्पित जीव मानोनिग्रहानेदीर्घ  प्रयत्नाने काय कारु शकतातकेवढं मोठं परिवर्तन घडवून आणू शकतातआधारहीन जगणार्‍याच्‍या जीवनामध्ये केवढा आनंद भरू शकतात याचंआजच्‍या आधिभाौतीक जगातलं जीवंत  उदाहरण कुठे बघायचं असेल तर लोकमान्‍य टिळक विध्‍यामंदीरचिखलगाव येथे गेल्‍या शिवाय ते घडणे नव्‍हेतेथे जाऊनआपणास ज्‍या दोन पुण्‍य आत्मांना भेटलं पाहिजे ते म्हणजे साै रेणू दांडेकर आणि डाँ राजा दांडेकर.”
Dr. Bhavarlalji Jain

Founder, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd 

Five stars rating for - NGO for Child Education


“डाँ राजा व सौ रेणू दांडेकर यानी लोकमान्‍य टिळकांच्‍या गावी सुरु केलेले कार्य बघण्याची संधी मिळाली. आमची भेट आय.सी.आ.सी.आय बँकेतर्फे होती. विकासाचे स्वप्न घेऊन दांडेकर दामपत्याने अथक प्रयत्न केले आहेत. समाजसेवेच्‍या त्यांच्या व्रतासाठी त्यांनी उत्कृष्ट साथीदार गोळा केले आहेत. गरिबांच्या मुलांनवर संस्कार व्हावेत, त्यांना चांगले शिक्षण मिळावे यासाठी ही सगळी धडपड आहे. स्वराज्याचे सुराज्य व्हायचे असेल तर देशाला अशा अनेक कार्यकर्त्यांची गरज आहे. भ्रष्टाचाराने पोखरलेल्या सामाजापुढे असा आदर्श म्हणजे दीपस्थंभच होय. त्यांच्या कार्यासाठी आमच्या शुभेच्छा.”
Dr. Pandurang Hari Vaidya

Senior Management, ICICI Bank

Five stars rating for - NGO for Child Education



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