Lokmanya Tilak Vidyamandir and Junior College, Chikhalgaon

Loksadhana is working on primary and secondary education for the last 25 to 30 years. In order to shape the rural youth, Loksadhana started it’s higher secondary college on 11th July 2015. It provide Arts and Commerce Streams of study. The first batch of HSC passed out with promising 85% result and this year the result is 100%. The junior college aims to provide all the opportunities to the students to evolve and choose their careers. Personality Development Workshops, Career Guidance workshop, Study tours are some special features. The junior college has its own 37,000 Sq. feet well equipped building with all modern amenities.


  • The students drop out of schools due to huge donation asked in colleges. They travel to cities in search of work. Loksadhana provides education to these students at concessional rates. 
  • Providing opportunity for higher education to girls after completing their 10th exams. 
  • Introducing rural and tribal areas to new subjects 
  • Personality development and building confidence among the youth. 

Loksadhana relentlessly works in bringing together higher education, arts and creativity among the youth. The junior college works hard to make the youth capable of taking care of themselves in future and help them build a brilliant career. Loksadhana never demands any donation from the students for admission. It emphasises on overall development of the students. Loksadhana’s teachers and volunteers are working on these bold thoughts 


Features of Lokmanya Tilak Vidyamandir and Junior College

1. The college does not demand any donation for admission
2. The education is made available at very low concessional rates
3. Spacious classrooms
4. Four floored building of total 37,000 square feet named Loknirman Bhavan
5. Restrooms available for Girls and Boys
6. Spacious Auditorium is available
7. Boys and Girls Hostel


Thinking about today’s youth, you will agree somewhere the communication gap is being developed. Therefore the conversation people used to have earlier is loosing its importance. Loksadhana has therefore developed an environment where youth express themselves without any hesitation. They share the thoughts which they won’t otherwise share with their parents. Due to hard work of the college teachers, a lot of personal problems faced by the youth are heard and solution is provided to their problems.


The word Shramadaan can be translated as volunteering. Feeling of dignity of labour is given importance by Loksadhana Trust. It is only when students understand importance of labour, they develop a feeling of belonging towards the college and its premises. They work hard towards keeping the premises clean. They also indulge in tree plantation and watering of the plants.

Shubhecha Samarambh:

The students and college conducts a program to give best wishes to all the students in the 12th standard. Around 200 students come together and conduct various activities. The students and the teachers stay in the college during this program. The students always remember this program through their entire life. 

Mrs. Dhanashree Dandekar


Mrs. Dhanashree Dandekar has been teaching at Lokmanya Tilak Vidyamandir and Junior College for last 5 years. Despite the college being located in a small village, Dhanashree is trying to create a unique recognition to the college. She has been teaching students of 8-10th standards since 2011. She likes to teach language. She likes to build a relationship with students and implement new learning techniques. She also conducts workshops for kids between 9-14 years under the name of “Gramayan”..

Personality development:

Usually students in villages develop inferiority complex. Due to this they hesitate to share their thoughts. They are encouraged to express themselves through various activities such as group discussion, interview, book examination etc. Thus channelising their thoughts helps them to express themselves freely.

Educational Excursion

The college organises educational excursion to help the students understand and observe the cultural and social differences in different cities in Maharashtra.
Also students are encouraged to participate in challenging sports.

Cultural programs and sports activities:

The college conducts various cultural programs including dance, arts, plays etc. The college also conducts competitions in sports, mehendi, rangoli etc and encourages students to participate in the same.