Nidan Rath


The agriculture in the Konkan region is mainly rain-fed with not much option available for irrigation. Paddy and Ragi are the main kharif crops. Horticulture is another activity that is recently picking pace in this region.

However, farmers are not aware to scientific methods of farming and are not very keen to know more about these techniques and adopt them to increase their yield.

The farmers in the region do not understand the importance of soil testing and water testing.

Although Konkan receives heavy rainfall since it is spread over in the hilly region, villages face scarcity of water during summer season.

Purification of wells, ponds, streams is neglected completely. This results in frequent incidents of epidemic of acute water borne diseases such as diahorrea, jaundice, typhoid etc. Practice of testing and purification of drinking water on regular intervals and also increasing awareness in the community about purification of drinking water is the only solution to prevent the water borne diseases.

Women in the region work very hard both at home and at the farms. They tend to neglect nutrition and their health. This results in anemia which also affects their reproductive health.

If the HB levels are tested and treated, the women’s health will improve significantly.

If pregnancy tests are made available at the doorstep or at village level, early detection of pregnancy is possible. This will also lead to proper care during pregnancy and termination of unwanted pregnancy.

Nidhan Rath, is a mobile dispensory van which proposes to address all the above issues.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. To help farmers to analyze the soil health and increase productivity by undertaking essential measures.
  2. To motivate community to adopt healthy methods of water purification to prevent water borne diseases and improve health status of rural community.
  3. To provide routine pathological tests of urine and   blood at the village doorstep and prevent anemia through early detection and treatment.
  4. Early detection of Pregnancy which will ensure the health of child and mother and also will help to solve population issue by termination of unwanted pregnancy.

What will the Nidhan Rath do?

Nidan Rath is a mobile Laboratory mounted on the van and is well equiped ith modern gadgets.

Farmers can be benefitted through soil testing. Soil testing can be done for parameters like salinity, alkalinity, micro nutrient contents and electric conductivity.

The ‘Mobile Van’ or ‘Nidan Rath’ will visit every village in the area once in a month for interaction with the farmers. Soil testing will be followed by recommendations for improving fertility of the soil.

This program will focus on organic and self sustainable methods of farming.

Water samples from public reserves will be collected for tests. Results of the tests will be announced in the gram sabha and strategic plan for water safety will be developed through community participation.

The mobile van will also carry posters and audio visual material on various aspects pf health and hygiene.

Diagnostic vans will also visit villages that are located in interior and remote areas to conduct pathological tests.

Mahila Mandal or Women Groups or Women Self Help groups will lead the campaign against anemia. Camps to improve women’s health will be organised, where several blood tests will be carried out.

Who will benefit from the project?

Children, women and farmers from villages surrounding Chikhalgaon.

Timeline of the project:

 5 years.

Personnel Required:

  1. Driver- A driver for the Vigyan Rath Van
  2. Facilitator – A person trained by Lokmanya Puplic Charitable Trust in the matters of pathology, farming, water purification etc. 
  3. Assistant- A person to help the facilitator for maintenance of equipments required to carry out the project. 

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Your donation will help the farmers to increase their yield using scientific techniques. Also it will help the villagers to get access to better living conditions, better health and pure drinking water.

Every Rs.1000 you donate will help us fund part of the project. Every single rupee is a drop in the ocean and ocean is made up of several such drops. Donate today to provide better living conditions to the underprivileged