Vigyan Rath


The word Science is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Development of scientific proficiency has always been an important objective of our policy makers while designing the curriculum.


  1. To provide students an opportunity to think.
  2. To develop scientific attitude and skills.
  3. To equip the child with a deeper understanding of the portions covered each term in class in the areas of science and geography.

Target group 

Vidnyan Rath will benefit 3000 students (from class 1st to 7th ) from 100 primary schools in Dapoli taluka.

Implementation Plan

Considering the curricular needs of the primary school students mobile science van will have 7 basic components

  1. Physics kit box
  2. Chemistry kit
  3. Biology kit box (with anatomy models and micro-scope)
  4. Geography kit (with globe and models)
  5. Exhibition and models for demonstration of solar energy, wind energy and bio–gas energy as renewable and clean energy sources.
  6. TV and DVD
  7. LCD Projector
  8. Educational CDs from Nehru Planetarium explaining solar system, space travel, universe
  9. CDs from Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai can be screened if we are equipped with latest technologies like LCD projector and a screen.

Why Vigyan Rath is required?

Our trust runs a school in remote and hilly region in konkan. We run primary and secondary school and a junior college to provide quality education to children from rural community.

We have noticed from our experience that schools in the nearby villages lack models, equipments and materials to teach scientific principals. Lack of transport infrastructure and modern means of communication limits the exposure of these children to modern means of technology. This results in limited opportunities for students in learning by doing.

Vigyan Rath is a mobile van which will carry the necessary scientific and laboratory equipments to these schools and villages so as to give hands on experience to the students and an opportunity for experimentation.

Thrice a week Vigyan Rath will visit these schools. The facilitator will pre-plan the content and program with respective school teachers before the visit.

Considering holidays and exams, the Vigyan Rath is estimated to cover every school 4 times in a year. Every year 20 schools will participate in this activity.

The trust also proposes to gift a science kit to every school which will be used for scientific experiments. The science kit is manufactured by Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai. This kit will help the students to practice what is taught during the Vigyan Rath visit.

Personnel Required:

  1. Driver- A driver for the Vigyan Rath Van
  2. Facilitator – A science graduate person   will be trained at Lokmanya Tilak Vidya mandir, Chikhalgaon and at Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai and will act as facilitator.
  3. Assistant- A person to help the facilitator for maintenance   of equipment, models and dissemination of posters, CDs, to load and unload materials.

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